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Bedford Place/Carlton Place consultation and survey results

2022 Consultation Questionnaire

A consultation questionnaire was circulated to all local residents and businesses via letter, as a well as to visitors to the area's businesses, between 21 September and 23 October. It was completed by 593 respondents, 38% of whom live or work in the Bedford Place and Carlton Place area.

Results from the consultation questionnaire showed that over 89% of respondents feel the measures proposed for both Bedford Place and Carlton Place will make the area feel safer, benefit the local environment and make the area more accessible for disabled people and people with mobility issues

Click here to see the survey results.

2021 Survey of Businesses

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, and the reintroduction of indoor hospitality, a survey was undertaken to seek feedback from businesses on Bedford Place about the trial pedestrianisation of the road in June 2021.

Results from the survey showed that 57% of respondents were in favour of seeing the road reopened (section A on the map below). 

Click here for a breakdown of the survey results. Please note, for data protection purposes we have not been able to share all the responses given, such as those relating to personal, business and commercially sensitive information


Guided by feedback from local businesses, Bedford Place was reopened on Monday 19th July.

The pedestrianisation will continue to be trialled on Carlton Place and Lower Banister Street (section B and C on the map above), which are not part of our review of the scheme; a final decision regarding these roads will be made later in the year.