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SCN6 St Mary's Road

St Mary's Road forms part of the SCN6 corridor on the Southampton Cycle Network (SCN), which runs from the city centre to Portswood and Eastleigh. St Mary's Road forms a connection between Charlotte Place and The Avenue and Bevois Valley Road - both of which have recently been upgraded with new cycle facilities. The road also provides access to Royal South Hants (RSH), Solent University and the Newtown-Nicholstown area. (See the below map for more details).

The proposed scheme would reallocate road space with wide traffic lanes and changes to traffic signals.


  • To improve access for key workers cycling to Royal South Hants, which currently doesn't benefit from cycle routes.
  • To provide a connection between the SCN5 cycle route on The Avenue, Royal South Hants, Solent University and the Bedford Place Active Travel Zone

Click here for more details on the scheme and how we'll be engaging on our proposals