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A3024 Bursledon Road Junction Improvements

A3024 Coates Road Junction Google


  • Where: Bursledon Road, between Botley Road and Bitterne Road East junctions
  • When: From Monday 25 February
  • What: Major one year project to improve journey times

Latest news

Improvements are being made to the junction of Maybray King Way with Bursledon Road (side road). This will include the creation of a new crossing on the junction, outside of Magna Mazda. There will also be a new dedicated eastbound right turn lane into White’s Road from Maybray King Way. The work started on 19 August 2019 and is set to take up to 12 weeks to complete.

In order to carry out the work safely, there will be lane closures on Bursledon Road (side road) for approximately 1 week and Maybray King Way for the duration of the work. Access to the businesses in the area will be maintained at all times.

Meanwhile, work elsewhere is progressing well. Warburton Road, Coats Road, Orpen Road, Kathleen Road and Chatsworth Road works have been completed. 

Hinkler Road is now open (from 20 September) but will be running under temporary signals until the new signals linking Hinkler Road, Kathleen Road and the A3024 have been replaced and are running. To run Hinkler Road under temporary lights will require Kathleen Road to be closed to prioritise traffic flows on the A3024. This is because temporary signal linking Hinkler and Kathleen would significantly impact on the A3024. 


Project Details

Work on a major one year project to improve journey times for all road users on the A3024 Eastern Corridor began on Monday 25 February. The project will deliver improvements over multiple phases on Bursledon Road, between Botley Road and Bitterne Road East junctions, with each phase broken down into different parts. This will include new and improved footways and cycle lanes, improvements to traffic signal technology, safety enhancements and bus priority changes through the use of virtual bus lane technology.

Below is an overview of what the scheme will deliver. You can also see the junction details and indicative timings, and see answers to some frequently asked questions

You can view the map blew in full screen.

Overview of A3024 Bursledon Road SchemeView a larger version of this map.