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SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway

Southampton Cycleway Users


Where: Totton to Central Station
When: Completing Autumn 2019
What: Creation of SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway 

We’re in the final stages of completing the SCN1 route from Totton in the west through to Central Station. This will set the benchmark standard for what we aim to achieve with the other main cycle freeways.

SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway Progress

Latest news 

Millbrook Road East 'Quiet Neighbourhoods' project completes with finishing touches planned for Spring 

Millbrook Road East was completely resurfaced last year and now the following improvements have been introduced to make cycling and walking safer and more attractive:

  • a widened shared use cycleway and footway from Paynes Road into Millbrook Road East
  • a permanent closure to vehicles in the middle of Millbrook Road East outside the Key & Anchor pub with wooden bollards and planters
  • a one way closure at the junction of Bourne Road with Shirley Road
  • a one way closure at the junction of Millbrook Road East with Shirley Road with the creation of a pocket park.
  • continuous footways along Millbrook Road East giving pedestrian priority at the junctions of Varna Road, Almond Road, Park Road and Cracknore Road

A crew will be returning later in the year when the weather is warmer to imprint the new crossings and closures with a block paving effect that will be coloured light grey.

This scheme is a part of our plans to create an environment where people can travel actively in their local neighbourhoods. We are seeking to work with communities, businesses, retailers and partners to develop attractive, healthy, safe and vibrant places where local trips are walked or cycled rather than driven.