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Managing the School Run

School Safety 364

Road closure proposals

As part of the Green Transport Recovery Plan, Southampton City Council is encouraging schools in the city to apply for its School Streets programme, where road space is reallocated to people walking and cycling, both to encourage active travel and to enable social distancing.

A School Street is where a road directly outside a school temporarily closes to motor vehicles to become a pedestrian and cycle zone for 45 minutes at the beginning and end of the school day. Closing the road space outside schools at drop off and pick up times provides a much safer environment for everyone at peak times. This will also accommodate social distancing, especially for parents congregating at pick up time, as a road free from vehicles can typically gain an extra 7-metre-wide space for pedestrians.

More information about the Southampton School Streets programme can be found on the My Journey website along with information about social distancing and schools.

Latest news

16 September 2020

Shirley Junior School last week became the first school in Southampton to trial a School Streets scheme under the Green Transport Recovery Plan. The scheme is being trialled by the school in partnership with Southampton City Council and Sustrans to provide additional space for social distancing, encourage more families to travel actively to school and create a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment. 

The first week of the closure went smoothly and the scheme has excellent support from staff and families, with some parents already now volunteering to help out with manning the closures. There has also been positive feedback from local residents as well as the school community.