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Safer Routes to School - Bassett Green Primary School

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  • Where: Bassett Green Primary School area
  • When: Initial perceptions survey July 2023, build taking place November 2023.
  • What: Safer Routes to School
  • Why: To improve the local environment for residents, walking and cycling for local journeys.

Project Details

This project will create an environment to encourage more people to walk and cycle in the area, as well as improve air quality and link to the wider Southampton Cycle Network. Measures may include traffic calming to reduce the number of vehicles and ensure lower vehicle speeds. The choice of measures will be informed by feedback during a public consultation

In July of this year we asked for feedback for your views on Road Safety and walking and cycling to Bassett Green School and along Honeysuckle Road in general. We have now considered measures to address concerns raised. 

Latest Updates

January 2023

The part-time restrictions, permitting only authorised vehicles on the section of Honeysuckle Road between Lilac Road and Daisy Road, are now fully operational.

The restrictions are in operation during school term times: Mon-Fri from 8 to 9.30am and from 2.15 to 3.45pm.

During these times, access is only permitted for buses, cycles, residents, emergency services, school staff accessing the car park, school transport taxis and blue badge holders.

December 2023

Work on Honeysuckle Road is now coming to completion. Thank you to residents for their patience during this construction period.

This work includes the introduction of a timed Bus, Taxi, Cycle only School Street which also permits walking, cycling and access by car for residents living within the filtered area of Honeysuckle Road - between Lilac Road and Daisy Road. The restrictions will only be in operation during school term times so will first come into force on the school’s return from Christmas on Wednesday 03 January 2024.

November 2023

Following the response to the Perceptions Survey as seen below, we will be improving Honeysuckle Road to create a safer environment around Bassett Green Primary School. The improvements are part of the Safer Routes to School programme, with funding from the Government’s Active Travel Fund. The work will start on Monday 13 November on Honeysuckle Road from and between the junctions of Lilac Road and Tulip Road.

Improvement works include the delivery of a permanent restriction so only authorised vehicles can use part of Honeysuckle Road (near Bassett Green Primary School) during term-time drop-off and pick-up, on weekdays between 8:00am and 9:30am and 2:15pm and 3:45pm. Only authorised vehicles such as residents, emergency services, buses, cycles, and taxis will be permitted to use Honeysuckle Road between Lilac Road and Daisy Road during these hours.

We will also install a raised table on Honeysuckle Road, directly in front of the school, which will work towards traffic calming, as well as widening the footways of the pedestrian crossing point at the junction of Lilac Road to accommodate heavy footfall. 


Works Programme:

Monday 13th November 23 to Friday 1st December 23

Honeysuckle Road/Lilac Road Junction. Junction closed in stages to minimise disruption.


Work will take place at the junction, controlled by 2-way temporary traffic lights and traffic diversions will be in place.  

Monday 13th to Monday 20th November: Lilac Road/Honeysuckle Road, East Junction

Tuesday 21st November to Friday 1st December: Lilac Road/Honeysuckle Road, West Junction

Monday 4th December to Friday 15th December

Honeysuckle Road/Daisy Road Junction.

Junction will be closed for duration of works to improve pedestrian crossing points.

Diversions for vehicles will be in place.

Friday 15th December to Friday 22nd December

Tulip Road.

Road closure will be in place whilst we are installing pedestrian crossing across Tulip Road.  


Working hours for all phases will be weekdays between 7:30am – 5:30pm, and the restrictions will be in place for the duration of the works. Please be aware that the dates in this letter are subject to changes, dependent on favourable weather conditions. In the event that works are delayed or ahead of schedule, we will alert you of any changes using yellow ‘advance warning’ signs in the area. We may also use temporary VMS (electronic signage) to display advance warnings for the scheme prior to this date.

To minimise disruption to residents, we are not intending to work at weekends; however should we experience any delays, then it may be necessary to work on Saturdays.

Summary of Survey Results

Adults – including Local Residents, Parents of children at Bassett Green School

  • The most selected barriers to cycling in the area is that the road/infrastructure is not safe (41%), and because of bad road user behaviour (39%).
  • The most selected barrier to walking in the area is the time or distance of the journey (41%).
  • Respondents told us they are most dissatisfied with safety of children on the way to and from school, and the safety of cycling.
  • 84% of respondents support improvements to road safety, and 63% told us that improvements to walking and cycling would encourage them to walk or cycle more.
  • There were 15 separate suggestions made within the survey to increase crossings in the area.

Pupils of Basset Green School

  • The majority of pupils within the survey told us that they would like
  • Fewer cars on the street when they go to and from school (78%)
  • More places to safely cross roads (85%)
  • More space to walk, cycle, scoot and wheel to school (77%)

Proposed Measures

A timed road closure between Lilac Road and Daisy Road during the school run, as per Violet Road. Buses and residents living within the timed closure would still be permitted access at all times.

Raised tables at junctions with Violet Road and Daisy Road to reduce driver speed on Honeysuckle Road at all times.

Carriageway narrowing at junctions of Lilac Road and Daisy Road to improve pedestrians crossing at all times.

Change the priority at junction with Laburnum Road to improve environment for pedestrians and reduce driver speed.

Addition of green space.