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Safer routes to School - Bassett Green Primary School

Honeysuckle Image


  • Where: Bassett Green Primary School area
  • When: Initial perceptions survey July 2023
  • What: Safer routes to school
  • Why: To improve the local environment for residents, walking and cycling for local journeys.

Project Details

This project will create an improved environment for walking and cycling in this area for local trips as well as joining wider Cycle network. This may include traffic calming to reduce the number of vehicles and ensure lower vehicle speeds. Measures will be informed through local consultation

In July of this year we asked for feedback for your views on Road Safety and walking and cycling to Bassett Green School and along Honeysuckle Road in general. We have now considered measures to address concerns raised. You can now view these measures by looking at the TRO by clicking on the link.

At this stage these are only proposed measures and subject to change based on feedback received. We would now like to hear your views to help inform what progresses to construction later this year.

Summary of Survey

Adults – including Local Residents, Parents of children at Bassett Green School,

The most selected barriers to cycling in the area is that the road/infrastructure is not safe (41%), and because of bad road user behaviour (39%).

The most selected barrier to walking in the area is the time or distance of the journey (41%).

Respondents told us they are most dissatisfied with safety of children on the way to and from school, and the safety of cycling.

84% of respondents support improvements to road safety, and 63% told us that improvements to walking and cycling would encourage them to walk or cycle more.

There were 15 separate suggestions made within the survey to increase crossings in the area.

Pupils of Basset Green School

The majority of pupils within the survey told us that they would like

Fewer cars on the street when they go to and from school (78%)

More places to safely cross roads (85%)

More space to walk, cycle, scoot and wheel to school (77%)

Proposed Measures are…

Timed road closure between Lilac Road and Daisy Road during the school run as per Violet Road. Buses and residents living within the timed closure would still be permitted access at all times.

Raised tables at junctions with Violet Road and Daisy Road to reduce drivers speeds on Honeysuckle Road at all times

Carriageway narrowing at junctions of Lilac Road and Daisy Road to improve pedestrians crossing at all times

Change the priority at junction with Laburnum Road to improve environment for pedestrians and reduce drivers speeds

Addition of green space.