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General Hospital Area Residential Parking Survey

Hospital Parking Survey area aerial view


  • Where: General Hospital area
  • When: March 2021
  • What: Ongoing review of General Hospital area Residential Parking Formal Consultation
  • Why: In response to residents feedback the scope and details of proposed permit parking has changed

Latest News

Following the public consultation for the residents parking schemes around the University Southampton Hospital (UHS), work is going ahead to install the street signing and lining required to enforce these schemes. 

The maps showing the affected areas along with details of the parking restrictions for each of these schemes can be viewed on the FAQ page.


Southampton General Hospital employs over 10,550 staff, many of whom travel to the site from across a wide area. Although the General Hospital provides parking and park & ride facilities, together with promoting travel by bus or cycle, some staff continue to commute by car and park in residential areas beyond the existing Residents Parking Zone 7. Residents raised the issues caused by staff and periodic visitor parking in their roads with Ward Councillors and in response a consultation event was held at the General Hospital in November 2017 attended by around 300 people.

In response, a survey was undertaken in 2018 with residents in the affected areas, to see whether they would support permit parking schemes where they live. Where the survey responses indicated community support, permit parking schemes were then proposed. The formal 21-day public consultation was then undertaken in those areas in June/July 2019. All responses were considered collectively in discussion with Ward Councillors before a final Council decision was taken.

Housing car parks within these localities are also included in the proposed permit parking schemes.

Residents and any other interested parties can stay in touch with the project by registering to Stay Connected.