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SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway

Southampton Cycleway Users


  • Where: Totton to Central Station
  • When: Completing April 2020
  • What: Creation of SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway 
  • Why: Support more people to cycle, enjoy better health and wellbeing and contribute to cleaner air

The SCN1 western cycle freeway was completed in July 2019 and provides a high quality cycle route from Totton to Southampton Central Station. Further improvements continue to be made to the route including works at Redbridge Roundabout to widen and resurface the route as well as the narrowing and resurfacing of the Old Redbridge Road junction. Looking ahead, the next step for the route will be to provide an improved connection from Harbour Parade to Portland Terrace.

As the first complete route on the Southampton Cycle Network, the SCN1 western cycle freeway sets the benchmark standard for what we aim to achieve with the other main cycle freeways.