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Bassett East and West

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  • Where: Bassett East and West
  • When: Survey will run from September to October 2021
  • Why: To provide safer routes for the city's north-south corridor.
  • How: Proposed to be funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund and Active Travel Funding. 

Project overview

The council is seeking to make our city a modern, liveable and sustainable place to live, work and visit and, as part of this, there are a number of exciting ideas that we would like to discuss with the Bassett community.

We will shortly be engaging with you on some of the schemes we could bring forward in the area but before we do, we want to hear from you. This perception survey will help us identify improvements that will enable you to travel more safely, reduce traffic to walk and cycle with ease. 
The survey focusses on two specific areas within Bassett as shown on the map below.
Complete the online perception survey, the closing date for feedback is Friday, 1 October.

Bassett West: encompassed by Winchester Road, Bassett Avenue and Burgess Road (West).
Bassett East: encompassed by Bassett Avenue, Burgess Road (East) and Glen 
Eyre Road.