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Third Avenue Cycle Scheme Construction - Now complete

Third Avenue Detailed Design with cyclist diversion


  • Where: Third Avenue, between Millbrook Roundabout and Regents Park Junction
  • When: COMPLETE
  • What: Installing segregated cycleway part of SCN1 cycle freeway

Latest news

Third Avenue cycle freeway is now open, completing the SCN1 route from Totton to the Central Station and City Centre. There are some ongoing works to install one way signs and street lighting along the length. We are also monitoring traffic movement and parking issues as well as logging any snagging issues that will need resolving. 

Project details

We begin constructing the dedicated cycleway scheme along Third Avenue from 7 May 2019. The work is expected to take up to seven weeks to complete (weather permitting) and will be undertaken in four phases, see details below and map above that you can also view full size.

The decision to go ahead follows on from early engagement in July 2018 with businesses and stakeholders over a proposed design for a dedicated cycleway along Third Avenue. Formal public consultation of the preferred design took place from 25 January 2019 for three weeks. We sent letters to affected businesses and stakeholders and placed public notices and advertising locally. Any objections were considered and we notified anyone who objected of the final decision to proceed with the design above.

Ongoing phases

Phase 2 - completing by 24 May

Installing the continuous crossing at western end of Third Avenue, across the end of the one-way section at this end.

Phase 3a - 20 May for two weeks

Constructing and widening the shared footway/cycleway in front of Calor Gas and Freightliner. To undertake this work safely we must reduce this section of the road (Millbrook Point) to one-way eastbound from 20 May for two weeks. This means access to Third Avenue will only be via Millbrook Roundabout from this point onwards. This work will include installing continuous cycle lanes across the entrances to both Calor Gas and Freightliner to give cyclists right of way over other vehicles.

Phase 3b - 30 & 31 of May

Overnight resurfacing of Millbrook Point in front of Calor Gas and Freightliner. This will require the road in front of Calor Gas and Freightliner (Millbrook Point) to be closed overnight on 30 and 31 May from 8pm until 6am. During the closures, the rest of Third Avenue will remain open two ways, with access via Millbrook Roundabout.

Phase 4 - 3 June for up to two weeks

Overnight installing the new raised cycle kerbs for the segregated cycle lane on the south side of Third Avenue. We plan to carry out this work overnight from week commencing 3 June for up to two weeks. As soon as work starts, Third Avenue will become permanently one-way eastbound from the junction with Manor House Avenue as far as Calor Gas. The overnight work will require the closure of sections of Third Avenue. When we are working between Calor Gas and Goals the closures will be from 8pm until 6am, and when working west from Goals the closures will be from 10pm until 6am. We will work with businesses within the one-way to manage access overnight.

Cyclist access during construction

During phase 3 and 4 it would not be safe to allow cyclists to us the cycle lane, not until the appropriate lining and signing is in place. This means while Third Avenue is reduced to one lane eastbound, westbound cyclists must be diverted. The temporary diversion is to the north side of Millbrook Road West down to Millbrook Roundabout and back across to the end of Third Avenue (see map above).

Completed phases

Phase 1: Closing off the slip road

Half way along Third Avenue from Millbrook Road West. Work was during the day from 7 May for one week.