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Millbrook Footbridge FAQs

Why is Millbrook footbridge being replaced?

Network Rail has been carrying out work on the footbridge to Millbrook station as it was reaching the end of its serviceable life.

The Network Rail footbridge, which was made up of a concrete footbridge over the railway and ramps that linked to Millbrook Road West, has now been replaced. However due to unforeseen ground conditions the link span that connects the new footbridge to the Council-owned footbridge over Millbrook Road West has been delayed until early Autumn. This means that people who wish to access the station platform from Foundry Lane will need to use the steps down to Millbrook Road West before using the new footbridge to the station platform.

As part of the project, Network Rail replaced the previously non-compliant ramps with steps and the new station footbridge has the ability for lifts to be installed in the future. This means that there is no longer a ramp providing access to or from Millbrook Road West. 

The Council is currently investigating alternative funding sources that could enable us to provide fully accessible ramps to the footbridge in the future. In the interim, alternative level crossing points of Millbrook Road West are available at the Regents Park Road to the west and Paynes Road/Waterloo Road junctions to the east.

The footbridge link to the footpath on the southside of the station alongside the Docks was also removed as part of the Network Rail works.

Will the Council-owned section of the footbridge be replaced?

For now, the Millbrook Road West footbridge will be retained as is without step-free access in the short-term.

A future scheme to renew and enhance it, including the provision of step-free access across Millbrook Road West, is currently being developed and funding investigated.

There is currently no timescale for the replacement of the Council footbridge.

When will Network Rail works take place?

The Network Rail footbridge replacement programme commenced in September 2020. Works to install the new footbridge are now largely complete. However due to unforeseen ground conditions completion of the link span, connecting the new footbridge and the existing Council-owned footbridge, has been delayed until early Autumn.

Network Rail may at times need to work at night and require access to the site compound from 22:00hrs to 05:00hrs on week-nights. Throughout this period, you will see an increased presence of Network Rail operatives in the area.

Residents living within a 500m radius of Millbrook Station will be given advanced notice if any further night-works are required by Network Rail.

The Network Rail site office will remain on-site until the link span works are complete.

How do I access the station?

Residents are now able to use the new Network Rail footbridge connecting to the station platform. However residents crossing from the Foundry Lane area will need to use the steps down to Millbrook Road West outside the station before using the new station footbridge.

Is step-free access available?

There is no longer a ramped access down to Millbrook Road West or the unadopted footpath alongside the Docks, following the removal of the concrete footbridge over the railway and the associated Network Rail-owned ramps.  

Alternative level crossing points are located at the Regents Park Road to the west and Paynes Road/Waterloo Road junctions to the east.

SCC is currently investigating options to provide new and enhanced step-free access to the footbridge from the southern foot/cycleway and Foundry Lane as part of future upgrades to the footbridge over Millbrook Road West.

What is happening to the footpath alongside the Docks?

The new footbridge does not provide a new link to the unadopted footpath, running alongside the railway and Dock boundary, from the station.

Options for this footpath, including permanently closing access to the footpath from the footbridge at Cracknore Road, are currently being considered. Any access changes to the footpath will be subject to a formal consultation process. Details of the consultation will be available on the Connecting Southampton Major Projects page shortly:

How can I comment?

For more information on the Network Rail scheme, please visit or telephone the 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 quoting “Information request - Footbridge renewal at Millbrook Station”.

For further questions on Millbrook footbridge please contact: