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Millbrook Footbridge improvements



  • Where: Millbrook Road West Footbridge
  • When: Design work complete Summer 2022
  • What: Design work is underway to develop a programme of works for the refurbishment of Millbrook footbridge, between Foundry Lane and the southern foot/cycleway on Millbrook Road West, including enhanced step-free access from Foundry Lane and greening.
  • This builds on the works that Network Rail made to Millbrook footbridge, between the southern foot/cycleway on Millbrook Road West and the island platform at Millbrook Station, that were completed in April 2021. The new footbridge connects to the existing SCC footbridge across Millbrook Road West to provide a direct connection between Foundry Lane and the Station platform.
  • Why: To improve access and make it a more attractive route for people walking and cycling.
  • How: Works will be funded by capital monies allocated by the Council and grant funding. 

Latest News

The Council’s Highways Partnership have commissioned detailed site investigation works to be able to accurately design and cost the proposed new southern-side access ramp to the refurbished footbridge across the A33.

Following consultation, key decisions have been made to lift out the existing road footbridge, significantly refurbish it off-site, before replacing it in the same position.  The opportunity will be taken to reinstall the footbridge at a higher level to comply with latest design standards.  Furthermore, it has been decided to remove and not replace the sub-standard northern access steps on the eastern footway (1) to the bridge.  Instead, the existing access ramp (2) linking to Foundry Lane will be made fully accessible with smooth and level access from the existing highway in Foundry Lane.

A whole new ramp structure (3) will be provided on the southern foot/cycleway of Millbrook Road West, which will link into the SCC footbridge spanning Millbrook Road West.  At this stage different extents of steel and earth-filled ramp layouts are being considered.

It has been established that in addition to bridge works at this location, the Council wishes to improve the look and feel of using the bridge crossing, particularly from the Foundry Lane end.  Considerations are therefore being made towards incorporating new CCTV, cutting back problematic overhanging vegetation and the introduction of scheme-specific ‘greening’ measures on or around the bridge works.

Project details

What is Happening?

The Council have selected a preferred contractor for delivery of its scheme to provide a long-term refurbishment of its existing footbridge.  This will largely include extensive shot-blasting and repainting of the structure (all carried out off-site, with the bridge having been craned-out and transported away).  There will also be new surfacing provided across the footbridge and new ramp.

The project will cost in excess of £1m and will be funded from a variety of capital and grant-funded sources.  Detail design is envisaged to be complete by summer 2022.

Further improvements

For now the Millbrook Road West footbridge linking the Foundry Road area with the station, will be retained and improved. We are looking at longer-term options to provide a new footbridge here, subject to funding, and any proposed future improvements will be informed by the findings of the perceptions survey undertaken in October 2020. This survey sought to understand what improvements residents would like to see on the Millbrook Road West footbridge.

The Council is also considering what to do with the footpath on the southside of the station alongside the Docks, following the removal of the connecting footbridge and ramps. Any access changes to this footpath will be subject to a formal consultation process. Further information will be published in due course.