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Townhill Park - Latest Updates

Meggeson Avenue - July 2019

April 2020 Updates

Work is continuing - 7 April

Under the current Government guidance construction has not been asked to stop, so work can continue if it is done safely. We are therefore continuing to operate, working on Phase 3 of this project. We have put extra measures in place to protect our staff and others around them while they are carrying out their work. Staff are observing the advised 2m distance wherever possible and we have also implemented a new policy permitting only one person per vehicle, unless this distance can be maintained. Furthermore all staff have access to gloves, hand sanitisers and disinfectant to ensure good hygiene is maintained at all times. We are committed to doing as much work here as we possibly can during these trying times.

Phase 3a has been completed and we are currently working on Phase 3b.

March 2020 Updates

Phasing of Work Update - 27 March

Due to the current circumstances, Phase 2 has been postponed until further notice. We are instead working on Phase 3, scheduled as follows:

  • 3a: Paulet Close to Hallet Close, east side – from 25 March
  • 3b: Hallet Close to Benhams Road, east side - from 2 April
  • 3c: Paulet Close to Wakefield Road, west side – from 22 April
  • 3d: Wakefield Road junction – from 7 May
  • 3e: Benhams Road to Ozier Road, east side – from 11 May
  • 3f: Wakefield Road to Ozier Road, west side – from 14 May
  • 3g: Ozier Road and Rowlands Walk – from 21 May

Please note these dates are indicative.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update - 19 March

Due to the current circumstances involving COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are constantly monitoring the situation and making preparations for situations where we may have to stop work. At this current time, we are working as normal and will endeavour to meet the proposed schedule of works.

Hazelwood Road Closure - 04 March

Due to operational issues we have closed Hazelwood Road for the duration of phase 1 - please see previous post to see the phasing. Access will be maintained via Roundhill Close. We apologise for the inconvenience.

February 2020 Updates

Traffic Management & Resurfacing - 27 February

As we near the end of our third week of construction, we now look to the final resurfacing of this first stage before we move up Meggeson Avenue. Once again the bad weather due for the rest of the week looks as though it will slightly delay our original date of 28 February, and we have rescheduled this to Monday 2 March. This will also be the day that our traffic management is removed from Townhill Way which will help ease congestion along this road.

(Below) Townhill Way extended island.

After this, we will be working around and opposite the Hazelwood Road junction with Meggeson Avenue. Hazelwood Road will remain open under traffic light control and alternative access can be found via Roundhill Close.  

Phase 1 Update - 20 February

The rain continues to pour down but we remain on schedule with the scheme. This morning we moved across Meggeson Avenue to the west side  (Roundhill Close side). This is the start of phase 1b. We changed the traffic management arrangements around so that cars now pass on the other side of the road.

The East side works went well. We adjusted the traffic management to allow members of the public to walk alongside of the works (see photo). It is always difficult when drawing up plans for traffic management to balance the need for safe working and minimise disruption. We continually review arrangements and how things are going. We are happy to receive comments about the works but sometimes members of the public swear and threaten the guys on site. In order to protect our staff we use body cameras to record incidents and keep in close contact with the police.

Phase 1 Update - 19 February

A letter was sent to affected residents about phase 1 works. The map below shows the locations of the stages of the work. To see this letter, please click here.

Easter holidays closures - 17 February 

Following further consultation, we have now managed to adapt the programme to carry out the Phase 2 closures of Meggeson Avenue during the Easter School holidays. This will minimise disruption for the area.

Work is underway - 14 February

Work started on Meggeson Avenue on Monday 10 February. Despite thoroughly planning beforehand and installing appropriate safety measures for the public, we quickly realised that what we had wasn't quite enough. After observing the influx of children coming out of the primary school adjacent to our working area, we made the decision to install more robust traffic management to stop children walking through coned off areas.

Within a day we replaced the cones with barriers and added a controlled pedestrian crossing to ensure they can safely cross at an appropriate point.