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Redbridge Roundabout and M271 Improvements

Redbridge Roundabout At Rush Hour


  • Where: Redbridge Roundabout and the M271
  • When: May 2019 - Spring 2020
  • What: Widening of the roundabout, fourth lane added on the southern side
  • Why: Enhance journey times, provide facilities for walking and cycling and improve access to the Port of Southampton

Latest news

Traffic management 2-8 December

  • 24-hour closure of M271 S/B Hard Shoulder

Traffic management 9-15 December

  • 24-hour closure of M271 S/B Hard Shoulder
  • 24-hour Lane closure A33 W/B Exit

Progress update

Over the last week, Highways England have been working on walls and cabling. Following feedback, they have also worked to make moving through the roundabout on foot and other means as pleasant as possible.

The pictures below show some of the recent work that has been carried out. The first picture shows some excavations and preparatory activity as part of the work to install the new footbridge. The second one shows our latest work on the southern footpath.


Project details

Highways England began a major project in May 2019 to improve Redbridge Roundabout and the M271, completing in Spring 2020. This work will complement other junction improvement work at junctions 5 and 7 to improve journey times, reduce congestion and support local and strategic economic growth.

Improvements include:

  • Addition of a free-flow lane from the M271 Southbound towards the port
  • Improved shared paths
  • Installation of a new better footbridge
  • Removal of signals that give buses priority
  • Widening of the roundabout
  • Hundreds of shrubs and new trees on the roundabout
  • Resurfacing to the roundabout with new ‘low-noise’ material

For more detail on this project visit the Highways England project page.

For any other enquiries you can email the Highway England Redbridge Roundabout project team.

Alternatively you can write to: M271 Redbridge Roundabout Scheme, Highways England, Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LZ.

You can also follow or contact them on twitter @highwaysSEAST or you can follow the hastag #M271.