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Northern Inner Ring Road

Devonshire Road Proposed CGI


  • Where: Northern Inner Ring Road
  • When: Legal consultation from January 2021, and work preliminarily programmed for Autumn 2021 *subject to consultation*
  • What: Proposed transport improvements, including junction changes and traffic signal upgrades
  • Why: To improve traffic flows and facilitate more reliable journey times
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities Fund

Before                                                                              After

Project details

The measures form part of a major £4.5m project to improve traffic flows and facilitate more reliable journey times on the A3024 Northern Ring Road, which is set to benefit from innovative traffic signal technology and a number of targeted junction improvements.

As part of this project, we are formally proposing the permanent closure of Devonshire Road at the junction with Cumberland Place by creating a small 'pocket park'. In addition, Grosvenor Square would be made one-way southbound with a contraflow cycle route, retaining the existing right and left turn onto the Ring Road. As traffic will no longer be able to turn right (northbound) into Grosvenor Square, the staggered crossing on Brunswick Place will be removed to extend the Bedford Place right turn lane. There are also a number of smaller changes, full details can be found on the public notice and this map.

The formal consultation period is now closed and the comments received in relation to the proposal are being reviewed, before a final decision is made.

Devonshire Road

The Polygon sees a high amount of rat-running, and so the closure of Devonshire Road would reduce the number of entry and exit points into and out of the Polygon, effectively deterring traffic from driving through the area unnecessarily. Not only would it create a nicer space for pedestrians and cyclists, it would also improve vehicle journey times on the Ring Road as the traffic signals would work better together if there are fewer junctions on the route.

The alternative routes outlined on this map would maintain access to the area by car but without the disruption caused by the current patterns of cut-through traffic.