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Transforming Cities Fund - Northam Road cycle scheme

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  • Where: Northam Road
  • When: Monday 29 June 2020 for up to 12 weeks
  • What: Footway improvements, relocating street furniture, Bus 'Super stop', a continuous crossing at Kent Street
  • Why: To create a safer, more pleasant environment with improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users
  • How: Work will be completed in 5 phases 

Latest News

Work is now completed along Northam Road. Phase 4 & 5 were completed in the week commencing 14 September, with the continuous crossing across Kent Street and the Northam Road overnight resurfacing being finished. 

Phases of Work

Phase 1: Northam Side Road and Princes Street

Monday 29 June for 1 and a half weeks

We will be relocating street furniture and road signs, widening the dropped crossings to allow improved access for cyclists. Vehicle access will not change, but there will be lane closures on Northam Bridge and Northam Road. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Phase 2: Princes Street across Northam Precinct

Thursday 9 July for 2 and a half weeks

We are widening the bus slip lane to improve bus access, raising the kerb for a new double-length bus stop where we will also remove sections of the guard rail to improve passenger accessibility. On the shared footway, we will be relocating furniture and services to allow bus lane widening. A new bus shelter will be installed at a later date.

Access to a bus stop within the bus lane will be maintained. During phase 2a, pedestrians will be diverted across to the west side of Northam Road. During phase 2b, sections of the footway will be closed, but pedestrian access around - via the precinct - will be maintained.

Phase 3: Northam Precinct up to Kent Street

End of July for 5 and a half weeks

We are removing paving slabs, widening the verges to cover tree roots, resurfacing the shared footway. During phase 3, this section of footway will need to be closed. Pedestrians will be diverted to the west side of Northam Road.

Phase 4: Kent Street to the end of the scheme

End of August for 3 weeks

We are constructing continuous cycle/footways across Kent Street and the entrances to the petrol station to give pedestrians and cyclists priority over vehicle access. We will also be installing some new signage on the shared footway at the Britannia Road junction.

For the duration of phase 4, Kent Street will be closed at the junction of Northam Road to provide a site compound. During the works across the entrances to the petrol station, vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained. These works will require the bus lane closures on Northam Road for the duration.

Phase 5: Overnight resurfacing of Northam Road southbound

Late September for 2 nights

We are resurfacing Northam Road southbound bus lane and some patches of lane 2. This will require an overnight closure.

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