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Millbrook Roundabout reconstruction

Millbrook Roundabout Phase 4 Header Without Ped


Where: Millbrook Roundabout
When: From 1 October 2018 for 28 weeks to 7 April 2019
What: Reconstruction of foundations and resurfacing of Millbrook Roundabout - work occurring in four phases

Latest news

Work on the final phase of Millbrook Roundabout is progressing well. We have excavated a large part of the site and are beginning to install the ducting pipes that will carry the traffic signal power and controls. This fourth and final phase is currently on target for completion by 7 April 2019.

If you are cycling or walking through the area you can find details of which routes you can take on our FAQs page.

If you are thinking of alternative travel options our MyJourney team have provided some advice.

Project details

Essential work to reconstruct the foundations and resurface Millbrook Roundabout started on 1 October 2018 and is expected to take 28 weeks to complete. Due to the scale and depth of the reconstruction work the roundabout will need to be partially closed in four phases each taking from six to eight weeks.

The impact of the closure of each section of the roundabout is likely to be significant and we anticipate there being congestion and delays, particularly at peak times. We are advising motorists to plan their journeys, allowing extra time and to follow the advised diversion routes. Information about the diversion routes can be found in the frequently asked questions.

Millbrook Roundabout reconstruction phases

Phase four - February 23 to 7 April 2019 (current phase)

This final phase of work will require the closure of the southwest section of the roundabout and the northbound section of First Avenue up to the entrance to the HWRC (see map at the top of this page). This phase is expected to take seven weeks to complete. It will require the closure of First Avenue northbound up to the roundabout and part of the off-slip onto Redbridge Road up to the junction with Second Avenue.

Phase four has been planned to take up to six weeks, completing by 7 April 2019.

Phase four routing video.

Completed phases

Phase one - 1 October to mid November 2018

This required the closure of the northwest section of the roundabout. The inbound off-slip from Redbridge Road onto the roundabout as well as the junction with Wimpson Lane and the exit from the roundabout onto Tebourba Way (northbound) were closed.

Phase two - Mid November to 19 December 2018

This required the closure of the northeast section of the roundabout at the junction with Tebourba Way (southbound) and the off-slip from the roundabout onto Millbrook Road West.

Phase three - 7 January to 22 February 2019

This will require the closure of the southeast section of the roundabout and the southbound section of First Avenue up to the entrance to City Depot and the Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC). This phase took seven weeks to complete and required the closure of the outbound off-slip from Millbrook Road West onto the roundabout as well as the exit from the roundabout and First Avenue southbound.

Phase three routing video.

Alternative routes

These essential works are expected to cause unavoidable disruption, particularly at peak times. Please plan your journeys wherever possible and allow extra time.

For access to the Millbrook area, there will be different diversion routes for each reconstruction phase depending on where you are coming from and where you are trying to get to. You can see the videos for each phase by visiting our YouTube channel.

Alternatively we have notified all the major satellite navigation system providers of the closures, as long as your satnav app has live traffic updates it should provide you with the best local travel advice.