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Mansbridge Road Scheme

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  • Where: Mansbridge Road and Mansbridge Road Bridge
  • When: Monday 27 July 2020
  • What: Creating a safe Pedestrian crossing island, Full resurfacing of Mansbridge Road Bridge, followed by Mansbridge Road resurfacing and replacing a crash barrier
  • Why: Essential maintenance and improving crossing across Mansbridge Road

We are undertaking 4 pieces of work around Mansbridge Road separately, starting with the proposed Pedestrian Safety Scheme. The work is planned to start from Monday 27 July for up to three weeks, weather permitting. There are multiple phases of work that are outlined below.

Latest News

Work is progressing well on the pedestrian safety scheme and we are coming to the end of this part of the Mansbridge Road works. The major work on Mansbridge Road bridge began on Monday 10 August and the bridge is now fully closed for up to 3 weeks. For details of this work and for the official diversion route please see below. 

Phases of work

Phase 1: Mansbridge spur road footway improvements - Monday 27 July

We will be widening and resurfacing the footway along the spur road that comes out onto Mansbridge Road. An official pedestrian crossing point will also be implemented onto the spur road.

During this phase, pedestrians will be given a route around our works area and back onto the existing footway.

Phase 2: North side of crossing island - Tuesday 4 August

We will begin the construction of the proposed crossing island that will go across Mansbridge Road. For phase 2 we will be working on the north side of the footway and road.

Phase 3: South side of crossing island - Friday 7 August

We will then move to the south side of the crossing island and continue its construction.

Phase 4: Bus stop relocation, new kerbs - Wednesday 12 August

We will be relocating the Bus stop along Mansbridge Road that heads east, as well as constructing new kerbs around this section of the footway.

Vehicle access along Mansbridge Road will be maintained throughout but for the duration of phase 2, 3 and 4, temporary lights and a temporary pedestrian crossing will be in place along Mansbridge Road, so drivers may experience delays.

Mansbridge Road Bridge and Mansbridge Road Resurfacing

As part of our essential roads maintenance around Southampton, we will be undertaking works to resurface the Bridge on Mansbridge Road. This will require a full closure of the Bridge for up to 3 weeks from Monday 10 August. The diversion route can be found below and via this link.

Following this, we will be resurfacing sections of Mansbridge Road outside the pub and around the newly constructed crossing island. This will require a closure of Mansbridge Road.