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Highfield Active Travel Zone


  • Where: Brookvale Road / Abbotts Way / Russell Place
  • When: Winter 2022 onwards
  • What: Proposed Active Travel Zone (ATZ)
  • Why: Due to the introduction of a Bus Gate on Portswood Road traffic in Highfield is likely to increase
  • How: Funded as part of Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020

Active Travel Zones (ATZs) are neighbourhoods that encourage active travel through a range of measures which calm or discourage traffic and instead prioritise people walking and cycling.

Scheme background

According to information held by the Council, 75% of traffic on Brookvale Road is currently through-traffic. This is likely to increase with the introduction of a Bus Gate on Portswood Road. An ATZ is proposed to prevent the Brookvale Road / Abbotts Way / Russell Place area being used as a cut-through by drivers.

To mitigate this impact, an Active Travel Zone is being proposed, however, there are a range of interventions which could be implemented as part of the scheme. These include light-touch measures to reduce the impact such as speed humps, or modal filters to block through-traffic which have been used in the nearby St Denys ATZ. Many residents of St Denys have commented that the changes have improved their quality of life; reduced air pollution; created safer, quieter roads; and enhanced the environment for people walking.

Scheme consultation

Local businesses, schools and people living and working in the area are instrumental to the process of developing an Active Travel Zone and will be involved throughout.

As part of our Portswood survey we are currently gathering preliminary feedback on the proposed ATZ and will be using this to assess community interest in such a scheme. Details on the initial ideas for the Highfield ATZ can be viewed here, however, are subject to change based on resident feedback.

Once this survey is complete, further consultation and community co-design events will be undertaken with residents in Highfield to establish interest in various levels of intervention and specific measures which could be implemented.