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Have you consulted on this scheme?

We carried out a formal consultation via a legal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process which covered the proposals for Grosvenor Square and Devonshire Road. This ran from 22nd January until 12th February 2021. A TRO notice was sent to 758 properties and was advertised on street in the area and on our transport website. This consultation didn’t cover the works at the Brunswick Place layby or the changes to Charlotte Place roundabout as the nature of these works are such that they don’t require a TRO process.

In addition to the TRO consultation, we ran an informal survey in February asking for feedback on all of our city centre proposals, including these. This received 2,027 responses.

How will you ensure that the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points at the Brunswick Place layby does not disrupt access for pedestrians and wheelchair users on the pavement?

The electric vehicle fast charging points have been specially selected to be slim bollard types and will be located on the pavement as with other street furniture. They will be situated close to the kerb and at the boundaries of each parking bay, to ensure sufficient space for pedestrians and wheelchair users to pass behind.

Where will the space for the extra lane on the Charlotte Place roundabout be taken from and what measures will be in place to ensure the accessibility and safety of cyclists and scooters?

The space for the third lane is being provided from a combination of relining in this area to use existing highway and a slight reduction of the island size, to match the Brunswick Place and Dorset Street islands. The three crossing points of this island will remain the same.

What safety measures will be in place for the contraflow cycle lane on Grosvenor Square?

The Grosvenor Square contraflow cycle lane will physically separate northbound cyclists from the southbound parked vehicles through a ‘floating parking bay’ combination of segregation of raised kerbs, tree pits and surfacing materials against the northbound coloured cycle lane.  

What are the plans for Devonshire Road?

There will be a second phase of works on the Northern Ring Road which is planned to follow in 2022 and will deliver improvements to the remaining junctions. Consultation responses to elements of phase 2, including Devonshire Road, are being reviewed and the detailed designs will be finalised later this year. Please follow updates on our webpage.

How do I ask questions or find out more?

For up-to-the-minute travel information, follow us on Twitter @scchighways.

For further information, please contact