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Northern Inner Ring Road

Brunswick 008


  • Where: A3024 Northern Inner Ring Road
  • When: Phase 1 completed August 2021 to January 2022. Phase 2A planned September 2022 to December 2022, Phase 2B works date TBC
  • What: Proposed transport improvements, including junction changes and traffic signal upgrades
  • Why: To improve traffic flows and facilitate more reliable journey times
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities Fund

Latest news

September 2022

From 26 September until early December we will start Phase 2A of improvements. Works will take place in two different areas; the first area is the footpath outside the BBC Studios. There will be a lane restriction in place Northbound on Havelock Road up to the Junction on West Park Road. During this time there will be temporary footpath closures in the area. Access to the BBC will be maintained throughout these works.

The second area is the footpath bordering East Park westbound on Brunswick Place from the Junction with Above Bar Street down to its junction with Charlotte Place roundabout. To ensure the safety of our workforce there will be lane restrictions and pedestrian diversions at each working area.

To assist traffic flows during this phase of works, a temporary “No Right Turn” will be implemented into and out of Kings Park Road.

The path bordering East Park is particularly narrow, we will therefore need to implement footpath closures; pedestrians will be diverted to the opposite side of the road. Entrance and egress from East Park will be maintained throughout. 

A temporary working area compound will be set up in the street level car park in Grosvenor Square North.  This will unfortunately reduce the number of parking spaces in the area during our works.

These cycle and pedestrian measures include the resurfacing of the footways in the area along with junction and traffic signal upgrades.  The enhancements to the area will improve the pedestrian and cycle access for people walking and cycling in the city centre and improve traffic flows, that will facilitate more reliable journey times on the Northern Inner Ring Road.


5 January 2022

Following the works at Grosvenor Square and Brunswick Place in December, we will need to return on Monday 10 January for 2 weeks to complete some additional works. 

Brunswick Place

We will complete the infrastructure installation for the on-street electric vehicle charging points in the layby. To undertake this work safely, we will require the closure of this layby, as well as a lane closure on Brunswick Place. The actual charging points will be installed in Spring.

Grosvenor Square

We will complete some minor works, which will require the layby and footpath on the western side to be closed. Additionally, the Park Lane/Grosvenor Square junction will be closed for the duration.

22 December 2021

The works are now mostly complete and we will be removing all traffic management today. We will need to return in the new year to install the charging points on Brunswick Place and undertake other minor works.

8 December 2021

The current work on the A3024 Northern Inner Ring Road is nearly complete. Although following the recent adverse weather, we will need to remain on site at the Grosvenor Square junction to complete some works. Please see the updated information below:

Making Grosvenor Square one-way southbound

Grosvenor Square will reopen on Friday 10 December as planned, however the new layby and footpath on the western side will remain closed. This is expected to reopen by Wednesday 22 December.

Resurfacing the parking layby on Brunswick Place

The works to install bollards will continue into next week. We will return in the new year to install the on-street electric vehicle charging points.

4 November 2021

We've completed works at Charlotte Place roundabout where we've created an additional lane at the East Park Terrace junction. The below pictures demonstrate the changes which have been made.

Work is progressing at Grosvenor Square and we expect to reopen the road on Friday 10 December. We're also continuing work at Brunswick Place to resurface the layby and install infrastructure for the city's first on-street electric vehicle charging points.

Project details

The measures form part of a major £4.5m project to improve traffic flows and facilitate more reliable journey times on the A3024 Northern Inner Ring Road, which is set to benefit from innovative traffic signal technology and improved pedestrian and cycle connectivity between the city centre and surrounding areas.

Phase 1

The first phase of the scheme is planned to commence from Monday 11 October 2021 for approximately 9 weeks. The works are scheduled as follows:

Making Grosvenor Square one-way southbound - COMPLETE

This will involve modifying the junction to make it one-way southbound with a contraflow cycle lane, as well as carrying out improvements to traffic signals and pedestrian crossings at this junction. We will require a closure of Grosvenor Square between Cumberland Place and Park Lane and some lane closures on Cumberland Place after the first two weeks. Access to Grosvenor Square and the multi-storey car park will be maintained and signed via Bedford Place.

Resurfacing the parking layby on Brunswick Place - COMPLETE

We will resurface the parking layby, outside of Pure Electric, and install infrastructure ready for the subsequent installation of on-street electric vehicle charging points. We will require the closure of this layby, as well as some lane closures on Brunswick Place.

Widening of Charlotte Place roundabout - COMPLETE

This will involve introducing a third lane at the junction with East Park Terrace and re-lining the whole roundabout, to facilitate a better lane arrangement and increase road capacity. The graphic below demonstrates the new traffic flow of the roundabout.

Phase 2

This will complement the initial parts of the scheme and is planned to follow later in 2022. It will include improvements to the remaining junctions along the A3024 Northern Inner Ring Road.