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Northern Inner Ring Road

Devonshire Road Proposed CGI

Improved transport corridor that allows better traffic flows providing a better alternative to New Road, and enables bus priority as well as better connectivity across the corridor for people walking and cycling.

  • Increase walking and cycling between the cultural and High Street quarters and wider city centre
  • Provide improved pedestrian and cycle junction upgrades along Northern Inner Ring Road
  • Improve journey times for traffic including buses through smart technology junction upgrades
  • Increase open spaces and connectivity between open spaces across the Ring Road prioritising people cycling and walking

Benefits of the improvements

  • Smart technology signal improvements along the entire Northern Inner Ring Road corridor, improving general traffic flow whilst providing bus and cycle priority on junction approaches through low level signals and advance stop lines
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle crossings at key junctions to improve connectivity across the Ring Road
  • A pocket park at Devonshire Road junction creating a public realm area between Polygon and Northern Inner Ring Road
  • EV charging points at Brunswick Place and Grosvenor Square being Southampton’s first on-street charging points in Southampton.

Project details

Phase 2 started in autumn 2022 with footway improvements along the A3024 Northern Inner Ring Road and will continue in early 2023 with Junction improvements. Signal upgrades will be carried out at the junctions of London Road, Commercial Road and West Park Road providing bus priority and improving capacity along the ring road.

The London Road junction will see improved provision for people walking and cycling with enhanced crossing facilities.

At the junction with Devonshire Road, the Devonshire Road arm will be permanently closed to traffic. A pocket park will be created and a new crossing for people walking and cycling will provide improved accessibility across the Ring Road.

Construction date: Autumn 2022 (phase 2A)
Date of works: January 2024 (phase 2B)

Please note, CGI is a representation of how the scheme may look and is subject to change.