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City Centre Transformation

Our Transforming Cities Programme includes ambitious proposals to transform Southampton city centre and affirm its place as the economic, retail and cultural heart of the city. Our city centre proposals are focused on transforming gateways, ensuring that travel both into and around the city centre is an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone. We propose to do this in the following two ways:

  • Investing in better interchanges - New public transport gateways at Southampton Central Station and elsewhere around the city centre to create a welcoming experience for those arriving into the city and provide efficient and sustainable onwards travel connections. 
  • Transforming the quality of city centre public spaces - Our vision is for a vibrant, stimulating city centre, less dominated by cars and more focused on the people who live, work, shop and spend time there. A combination of proposed vehicle restrictions in the city centre and improvements to the Northern Ring Road will enable traffic to move efficiently and reliably around the city centre - rather than directly through it. These changes will improve journey times for people driving and ensure that the city centre road network is fit for the future, while allowing us to reclaim space in the heart of the city centre for people. This will result in a more liveable, pleasant and cleaner environment where people feel welcome and have the space to get around safely, easily and sustainably. 

Watch our video to find out more about our exciting plans for the city centre

Please click on the below tiles for details on all of our proposed city centre schemes. 

We recently carried out a survey to gather feedback on all of our proposals for the city centre. The results of this are available here.

Statutory consultations will take place for each individual city centre scheme. Schemes will be consulted on and delivered in stages.

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