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Inner Avenue quietways

A quietway route has now been signed through the Bevois area, aiding links between The Avenue (SCN5) and Portswood Road (SCN6) corridors. These routes were known popular low roads for cyclists which are now more clearly signed for all cyclists to use with confidence. A number of changes have been made to improve the experience of people cycling between these two key cycle corridors and will connect to further quietway routes such as onto St Denys and St Mary's Stadium. The below images provide examples of the improvements that have been made, which include a combination of wayfinding signage, dropped kerb access to short shared use sections of footway and the relocation of on street parking.

Click here to view a PDF of the route.

The upcoming delivery of a cycle facility on St Mary's Road between Bellevue Terrace and Charlotte's Place roundabout will link to this work and is due for delivery early 2022. This is to be funded as part of the Active Travel Fund and Transforming Cities Fund.