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Glen Eyre Quietway

Glen Eyre

Latest Updates

January 2024: Glen Eyre Road between Bassett Avenue and Chamberlain Halls (Phase 3)

Work on Glen Eyre Road is now coming to completion. Thank you to residents for their patience during this construction period.

This most recent phase of work has delivered traffic calming measures between junctions with Violet Road and Bassett Avenue as well as cycle hire and e-scooter bays. Electric vehicle charging points will be installed at some of the parking bays already created.  

July 2023: Glen Eyre Road/Violet Road Junction (Phase 2)

These works are now complete. 

June 2023: Glen Eyre Road/Burgess Road Junction (Phase 1)

These works are now complete.

About the Scheme

The work on Glen Eyre Quietway began Summer 2023 and has been implemented in several phases:

  • Phase 1 (Burgess Road/Glen Eyre Road Junction) commenced on Monday 19th June for and completed prior to Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 (Violet Road/Glen Eyre Road Junction) will commence Monday 31st July and completed prior to Phase 3.
  • Phase 3 (Glen Eyre Road North) will commence Monday 16th October and will take approximately 7 weeks.

This scheme has been informed by a perceptions survey, where residents of Glen Eyre Road told us that they had safety concerns including the speed and volume of traffic.

Following these comments, we invited Glen Eyre residents to offer their thoughts on the suggested plans.

Results of the survey were greatly in favour of both traffic calming measures as well as improvements to cyclist and pedestrian facilities, with the full results viewable here.