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Glen Eyre Quietway

Glen Eyre

The work on Glen Eyre Quietway began Summer 2023 and will be implemented in several phases:

  • Phase 1 (Burgess Road/Glen Eyre Road Junction) commenced on Monday 19th June for and completed prior to Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 (Violet Road/Glen Eyre Road Junction) will commence Monday 31st July and completed prior to Phase 3.
  • Phase 3 (Glen Eyre Road North) will commence Monday 16th October and will take approximately 7 weeks.

Please see below for information on the upcoming phases of work. More information on the restrictions in place during the scheme will be released closer to the time, and residents will be informed in writing.

Latest Updates

Phase 3

Glen Eyre Road between Bassett Avenue and Chamberlain Halls

When: From Monday 16 October 2023 for approximately 7 weeks
Upcoming improvements include new buildouts along Glen Eyre Road with colour-imprinted surfaces to protect parking bays. In addition, new EV charging facilities and e-scooter and bike hire bays will be located within the protective buildouts closest to the University Campus.
Improved access and safety for pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists and users of e-scooter and bike hire services
Funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020

Driveway access on Glen Eyre Road will be afforded throughout the works using a gateman to guide vehicles, however there may be some delays if the team needs to move any equipment or barriers out of the way. Access may only be possible from either the north or south due to the location of our compound, so please speak to the team regarding access once the phase begins.

To retain as much vehicular access as possible, this work has been divided into four parts detailed below and demonstrated on the table and map below:

Week 1

Closure between Bassett Avenue and Glenwood Avenue, with access to Glenwood Avenue maintained from the south.

Weeks 2 and 3

Closure between Glenwood Avenue and Glen Eyre Drive, with access to Glenwood Avenue maintained from the north and Glen Eyre Drive from the south.

Week 4

Closure between Beechmount Road and Chetwynd Road, with access to Beechmount Road maintained from the north and Chetwynd Road from the south.

Week 5, 6 & 7

Closure between Chetwynd Road and the entrance of the Chamberlain Halls. Access to Chetwynd Road will be maintained from the north, and the Chamberlain halls from the south.

Glen Eyre Road will be accessible for residents only during the works and cannot be used as a through-route. Please be aware that due to safety concerns raised during Phase 1, the enforcement for the Bus Gate on Violet Road will be active. Pedestrian access will always be maintained throughout the works.



Phase 2

Glen Eyre Road/Violet Road Junction

Works to start for 7 weeks
Measures to reduce driver speeds and promote active travel on this route, including a raised table across junction of Glen Eyre Road/Violet Road and advisory cycle lanes.
Improved access and safety for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists
Funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020

Phase 2 of this scheme will commence as soon as Phase 1 is complete in the week commencing Monday 31st July 2023, with the restrictions 'swapped' by Friday 4th August 2023. These works will focus on the Glen Eyre Road/Violet Road Junction and will take approximately 7 weeks.


Upcoming Improvements:

  • Replacing the mini roundabout at Violet Road/Glen Eyre Road with a junction to improve travel for both motorists and cyclists. This junction will be raised to create a speed table as a preventative measure against speeding
  • Removal of existing buildouts for better road alignment and smoother travel over the speed table and the renewal of tactile crossings for pedestrians
  • Installation of bollards for pedestrian safety, as well as the installation of smaller improvements such as new gullies, replanting of the grass verge, widening of the footpaths and new kerbing and lining
  • We will install a new colour surface finish on the busy crossing between the Chamberlain and Glen Eyre Halls to accommodate the heavy footfall
  • Finally, replacement of some parking facilities with new cycle lanes on Glen Eyre Road between Burgess Road Junction and Violet Road Junction

During the works there will be a full closure of this junction. While this closure is in place, Glen Eyre Road will continue to remain open for residents only during the works. The residents only restriction on Glen Eyre Road will extend up to Chetwynd Road to prevent traffic from trying to access the closed junction.


From the start of Phase 2, access will now be possible onto Glen Eyre Road from Burgess Road, however there will be no access to Violet Road from either direction on Glen Eyre Road and a signed diversion route will be in place for this. The enforcement for the Bus Gate on Violet Road will be active once Cantell School reopens in September for the new school year. 

Phase 3 will commence shortly after Phase 2, with more information coming closer to the time. 


Overnight Resurfacing

Burgess Road

As part of the final works of Phase 1, we will be resurfacing a portion of Burgess Road on Friday 28th July 2023 between 8:00pm and 6:00am. During this time, a section of Burgess Road between The Avenue and University Road will be closed, with suitable diversions in place for traffic and resident access maintained.

Access to Lovers Walk will be maintained, however cyclists may be asked to dismount to navigate the works area safely. The Glen Eyre Road/Burgess Road junction will remain closed as it has been for Phase 1 of the Glen Eyre Quietway works, with resident access maintained only from the north.


Phase 1

Glen Eyre Road/Burgess Road Junction
Started Monday 19th June 2023 for 7 weeks
Improved crossing facilities for people walking and cycling through this junction as well as dedicated cycle signals and bus priority detection
Improved access for pedestrians and cyclists
Funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020

Following the perceptions survey in June 2021 where we asked local residents their opinions on travel in Bassett, we are now making improvements on Glen Eyre Road to cyclist and pedestrian facilities. Phase 1 of these works involved working at the junction of Glen Eyre Road and Burgess Road.

Upcoming Improvements:

  • New pedestrian crossing on the western arm of the junction and adding 'countdown' timers improving information for pedestrians
  • New traffic signals including bus priority detection to aid bus journey reliability
  • Dedicated cycle signals installed at the junction and improved detection
  • Widening of the southern footpath on Burgess Road at the junction with Glen Eyre Road to accommodate high existing footfall and shared use for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Reconstructing and relining of a portion of the junction

This work began Monday 19th June 2023, and will take approximately 7 weeks. This first phase of work is being delivered largely over the summer holidays in order to reduce disruption to schools and universities in the area. During this time there will be lane restrictions in place on Burgess Road, however 2-way traffic will be maintained throughout using temporary signals with at least a single lane for traffic at all times.

Working hours will be weekdays between 7:30am and 5:30pm, however we may work on Saturdays if needed.


Violet Road

Due to concerns raised regarding the level of safety during school pick up and drop off times for Cantell School, the Bus Gate and camera enforcement on Violet Road will be reinstated during the works on Glen Eyre Road from Monday 26th June 2023, and the diversion route will now no longer include Violet Road. Please follow the amended diversion route when travelling this area.

To ease the transition, we will have traffic marshals on site for the first days of this change. Following this, enforcement will once again be in place as normal.


Access to Lovers Walk and other amenities

During this work, access to the Shell garage on Burgess Road will be maintained, however there will be no right-turn out of the exit and vehicles will only be able to turn left onto Burgess Road due to the proximity to the works area. Pedestrian routes will be maintained, including access to Lovers Walk, throughout the scheme.

The bus stops on Burgess Road near the junction with Glen Eyre Road will be suspended due to the extent of the works area. There may be temporary bus stops or diversions in place, so we would recommend planning your journeys ahead of time and contacting the bus operators for updates on their services.  

Properties and businesses close to the carriageway may experience a temporary disturbance such as flashing lights and reversing sirens, as this can be a noisy process. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause.

Map of restrictions during the works:

More information on the following phases will be communicated in advance of the works. 


This work has been informed by a perceptions survey, wherer residents of Glen Eyre Road told us that they had safety concerns including the speed and volume of traffic.

Following these comments, we invited Glen Eyre residents to offer their thoughts on the suggested plans.

The Glen Eyre Quietway survey is now closed. Results of the survey were greatly in favour of both traffic calming measures as well as improvements to cyclist and pedestrian facilities, with the full results viewable here.