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Safer Roads at Portsmouth Road

Portsmouth Road Botley Road 1


  • Where: Portsmouth Road at Botley Road, Spring Road, Fort Road, Adey Close and The Grove.
  • What: Safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Why: Portsmouth Road has been identified through an independent assessment by the Road Safety Foundation on behalf of the Department for Transport for pro-active intervention to reduce the risk of injury accidents.

Latest News

October 2023

Consultation on the Traffic Regulation Orders for works at Botley Road, Adey Close and Spring Road opened on 6 October 2023 and closed on 27 October 2023.

About the scheme

The proposed works along Portsmouth Road spans from its junctions with Fort Road to Botley Road and will primarily deliver pedestrian crossing improvements at key desire lines serving the local community, routes to schools and access to open spaces. Providing these improved pedestrian facilities to reduce conflict with traffic on this busy corridor will have little to no impact on driver’s journey times. The improved pedestrian facilities will include:

  • A new zebra crossing on Portsmouth Road just west of its junction with Botley Road
  • A new zebra crossing on Portsmouth Road just west of its junction with Spring Road
  • A continuous footway across Fort Road, Adey Close and The Grove at their junctions with Portsmouth Road

Southampton City Council have secured £975k of funding through the third round of the Department for Transport’s Safer Roads Fund. Portsmouth Road is one of 27 sites across the UK benefiting from the Safer Road Fund making safety improvements for all road users. The programme will reduce the risk of collisions which will improve journey time reliability, reducing congestion, journey times and emissions.

The allocation of this funding has been based on data independently surveyed and provided by the Road Safety Foundation on behalf of the Department for Transport. It is a pro-active approach meaning measures are not just based on existing injury accident records but also risk of injury accident as assessed by the Safer Roads Fund. The council was shortlisted for funding in early autumn 2022 and worked with the Road Safety Foundation to submit a bid of measures which meet funding criteria and address known issues in the Portsmouth Road corridor. The funding was allocated in April and since this time we have been working on designs for the specified mitigation measures.

Related Safer Roads Fund measures are also being implemented at the Saltmarsh Road junction with the Itchen Bridge.