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Transforming Cities Fund - Mountbatten Way

Mountbatten Way


  • Where: Mountbatten Way
  • When: COMPLETE
  • What: Lengthening of right hand turn into West Quay Road, creating an extra lane for traffic
  • Why: To allow more room for queueing to increase capacity on the route and accommodate future plans for a Park & Ride
  • How: Funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020

Project details

Work has been undertaken to lengthen the right hand turn into West Quay Road and create an extra lane. This is to increase capacity on the route, allowing more room for traffic to queue and to allow for future plans to establish a Park & Ride. This was carried out in September to take advantage of lower traffic volumes on the A33 corridor approach to the City Centre.

Future plans

As we look ahead, we will be delivering a range of permanent schemes in and around Southampton over the next three years, as part of our Transforming Cities programme. This programme includes a breadth of bold and ambitious projects to prioritise sustainable travel in both residential areas and on key corridors into the city. Included in this, is a plan to establish a network of Park & Ride sites that serve places of work and leisure or retail, that will use this approach along Mountbatten Way and into the City Centre. These sites would be on the edge of the city and part of Local Mobility Hubs closer in, where people can park before continuing their journey by bus, cycle, walking, e-bike or car-share.

Further information about the Transforming Cities programme is available here.