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Millbrook Roundabout Reconstruction - Now Complete

Millbrook Roundabout after completed works


Where: Millbrook Roundabout
What: Reconstruction of foundations and resurfacing of Millbrook Roundabout

Latest news

We have completed the work on Millbrook Roundabout, three weeks ahead of schedule. The roundabout reopened and all traffic management and diversions associated with the work were removed by the morning of Monday 8 April.

We have not quite finished, as part of the scheme we will be putting back twice as many plants and trees than were removed on the roundabout. There will also be some landscaping. When we have more details we will post them here.

Thank you for your patience during the last 23 weeks of construction.

Millbrook Roundabout 4 April 2019

What's new?

The finished scheme includes a fully reconstructed carriageway all of the way around the roundabout. This includes new drainage, traffic signals, signage, street lighting and lane markings. We've added an extra lane on the south side of the roundabout to provide additional capacity.

A new and improved cycle path next to the roundabout provides better access to Southampton from the West, and contributes to the completion of this key route on the SCN (Southampton Cycle Network) - the SCN1 Western Cycle Freeway.

Additional ducting has been installed underneath the roundabout on all approaches to make sure the surface remains in good condition for the future.

Millbrook Roundabout reconstruction in numbers

  • The total reconstruction was completed in just 23 weeks
  • Work took place between 7am and 6pm, seven days a week
  • The roundabout was excavated to a depth of two metres in places
  • Just under 28,000 tons of material was excavated, the majority recycled and reused
  • 8,200m of new kerb and ducting was laid (over five miles worth)

Project details

Essential work to reconstruct the foundations and resurface Millbrook Roundabout started on 1 October 2018 and lasted for 23 weeks (finishing three weeks ahead of schedule). Due to the scale and depth of the reconstruction work, the roundabout was partially closed in four phases, each taking from six to eight weeks.

Completed reconstruction phases

Phase one - 1 October to mid November 2018

This required the closure of the northwest section of the roundabout. The inbound off-slip from Redbridge Road onto the roundabout as well as the junction with Wimpson Lane and the exit from the roundabout onto Tebourba Way (northbound) were closed.

Phase two - Mid November to 19 December 2018

This required the closure of the northeast section of the roundabout at the junction with Tebourba Way (southbound) and the off-slip from the roundabout onto Millbrook Road West.

Phase three - 7 January to 22 February 2019

This will require the closure of the southeast section of the roundabout and the southbound section of First Avenue up to the entrance to City Depot and the Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC). This phase took seven weeks to complete and required the closure of the outbound off-slip from Millbrook Road West onto the roundabout as well as the exit from the roundabout and First Avenue southbound.

Phase four - February 23 to 7 April 2019

This final phase of work required the closure of the southwest section of the roundabout and the northbound section of First Avenue up to the entrance to the HWRC (see map at the top of this page). This phase took around six weeks to complete. It required the closure of First Avenue northbound up to the roundabout and part of the off-slip onto Redbridge Road up to the junction with Second Avenue.

Phase four was completed on 7 April 2019.