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Maybray King Way emergency signal cable repairs

Maybray King Way


  • Where: Maybray King Way northbound approach to junction with Bitterne Road East
  • When: From 3 June for one week
  • What: Digging up and replacing damaged traffic signal cables and ducting

Project details

Maybray King Way will have lane restrictions in place and temporary traffic signals at the junction with Bitterne Road East for the duration of these emergency works, starting Monday 3 June for one week (weather permitting). The work is to repair damaged cables and ducting holding the cables, specifically the cables that run across Maybray King Way on the northbound approach to this junction. To undertake the work a trench will need to be dug in two halves across the road to reach the ducting. Once this is in place new cables will be fed and connected to correct the fault.

As the work will leave an exposed trench the work cannot be carried out off peak or at night and will take several days to complete. Therefore the work is being undertaken during the day in two halves to maintain one lane northbound up to the junction on Maybray King Way. During the work the power to the signals must be disconnected so temporary signals will be in place at the junction. Temporary signals are never quite as efficient as installed, so we will be carrying out the work during the day under temporary signals and lane restrictions northbound. This is necessary as a trench will need to be excavated across the road to replace the ducting and cables. Please bear with us, we will be working as quickly as we can to repair the fault.

Travel advice

During peak times expect some delays and plan your journey.