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Bitterne Park Triangle improvements

Bitterne Park Triangle


  • Where: Bitterne Park Triangle
  • When: From Monday 22 July for up to 7 weeks
  • What: Cycleway and signal improvements 

Latest News

Work at Bitterne Park Triangle cycle improvements were completed in September, work to repair the waterproofing on the eastbound side of Cobden Bridge is due to follow this year and is expected to take up to two weeks to complete. As previously there will be road narrowing and the loss of footway on one side but two way traffic over the bridge will be maintained.

This second phase of work to Cobden Bridge will be much shorter than the previous westbound works. This has been possible because we are taking a different approach following what established from excavating the victorian bridge foundations in the first phase. As soon as we have a date for work starting we will update you.


Project Details

As part of a city-wide investment in cycling access and using developer funding for Bitterne Park Triangle, we will be widening a section of footway between Whitworth Crescent and Cobden Bridge to make it a shared cycle way. We are widening the entrance to Riverside Park to allow better cyclist access. In addition, we are upgrading the traffic signal detection and communications so that the signals can respond better to demand. Once complete, the road will be reduced in width by several meters which will make crossing quicker. The improvements will also link these signals to the ‘rapid bus network’ where signals can be held on green for longer when an approaching bus is running behind its timetable.

Work starts on 22 July for up to 7 weeks. The works are broken down over three phases, but Whitworth Crescent will be closed at the junction of Cobden Avenue for the duration, to provide a site compound to store materials, machinery and the crew welfare facilities.

This map shows the widened footway, widened park entrance and new lining as well as the three phases of work.

Bitterne Park Triangle improvements 2019

Phases of work

Phase one: 22 July for 4 weeks

Phase 1 will widen and resurface the southern footway. This will require the relocation of the traffic signals and their cabling. For this phase the road will be narrowed, and temporary traffic signals will be in place. We will aim to maintain two-way traffic along Cobden Avenue for as much of the time as we can. However, we may need to excavate across Cobden Avenue at the crossing for the park to replace the pipe/ducting holding the traffic signal cables. Our initial surveys indicate this may have collapsed but we will not know until we remove the old cabling. This means for some of the time the road may need to be narrowed to one lane as we excavate a trench to half way across the road.

Phase 2: 12 August for up to 2 weeks

Phase 2 will widen the entrance to the park and provide a new dropped kerb for cyclists from Cobden Bridge to use the toucan crossing or to enter the park. Depending on the condition of the cable ducting (see phase 1) we may need to excavate a trench across this half of the road to complete the replacement of the cables and ducting that span the crossing. This would mean for some of the time during this phase Cobden Avenue may be narrowed to one lane.

Phase 3: 19 August for 1 week

Phase 3 will be replacing the traffic signal cabling that spans Manor House Avenue at this location. This phase of work will require the closure of Manor Farm Road at the junction with Cobden Bridge and for safety reasons at the junction with Cobden Avenue (see map). The signed diversion route for Manor Farm Road will be via St Catherine’s Road for the duration of this phase.

At the end of phase 3, we will replace the lining at Bitterne Park Triangle overnight. At the junction with Manor Farm Road this will include a continuation of the eastbound cycle lane marking and new yellow hatching across the whole junction (see map).

The map above shows the widened footway, widened park entrance and new lining as well as the three phases of work.

Please bear with us while we carry out these works. The works may be noisy at times and we will make every effort to minimise disruption and complete the works as quickly as we can. If we are able to complete work ahead of schedule we will move to the next phase earlier. We will keep you updated with progress here. 

You can also find details of any roadworks or road closures in Southampton. For up to the minute travel information in the city follow us on Twitter @SCChighways