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Please drive carefully through roadworks

Roadworker Safety Sign (2)

Last year alone there were 26 fatalities across the UK resulting from road workers being struck by a moving vehicle.

That makes working on the roads one of the most dangerous jobs out there. And that’s before you take into account the non-fatal injuries and near misses that happen every day across the network.

That's why safety is our number one concern. Each project is carefully planned with health and safety in mind, both of our staff and of the travelling public.

We understand that waiting in traffic when you have to be somewhere can be frustrating. But disruption is unfortunately sometimes inevitable if we are to maintain and improve our transport network. Rest assured we do everything we can to make your journey as smooth as it possibly can be and our people work hard every day to ensure the job gets done on time to the high standard we expect.

So when you see the signs to slow down and drive carefully make sure you pay attention. They are there for a reason.