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Camera Enforcement of Contraventions

March 2023

An application to the Department for Transport has been submitted and we have been advised that a decision should be made in July 2023.

October 2022

We are inviting residents to feedback on proposals which could see automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras used to reduce moving traffic contraventions at specific locations. The cameras would help enforce measures to reduce congestion and increase safety on the roads, for example at School Street schemes (pedestrian and cycle zones at certain times of day) and other areas where motor vehicle access is restricted.  

This survey is now closed. 

The ANPR technology will help to identify road users who continue to ignore restrictions such as:  

  • driving through a 'No Entry' sign 
  • turning left or right when instructed not to do so (making banned turns) 
  • driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited 
  • driving on routes that are for buses and taxis only. 

At present, outside of London, only the Police have the power to enforce these restrictions, but the new legislation allows Highway Authorities and Councils to undertake enforcement through the use of ANPR technology. 

These are the sites which have been selected for the first phase of the ANPR scheme:  

School streets: 

Bellemoor Road, between St James Road and Wilton Road

Brownlow Avenue, between Peartree Avenue and Redlands Drive

Cutbush Lane, from its junction with Meggeson Avenue (including Coachman’s Copse and Camelia Gardens)

Dimond Road, between the junction with Ashtree Road and Newton Road

English Road, between the junctions with Imperial Avenue and Foundry Lane

Fairisle Road, from the junction with Starboard Way

Kesteven Way, from the junction with Rutland Way, including Aberdour Close

Mansion Road, between Queenstown Road and Waterloo Road

Octavia Road, between Mansbridge Road and Robert Cecil Avenue

Porlock Road, between Cromer Road and Canford Close

Richville Road, between Oakley Road and 41 Richville Road

River View Road, from the junction with Manor Farm Road

St Monica Road, from its junction with South East Road to Bay Road, including Maxwell Road

Stafford Road, between Howard Road and Western District Cut

Valentine Avenue, between Botley Road and Elgar Road

Victor Street, between Anglesea Road and Crown Street

Warren Crescent, between Holland Place and 114A Warren Crescent

Western District Cut, at Stafford Road

Wilton Road, between Bellemoor Road and Winchester Road

Yeovil Chase, from its junction with Selborne Avenue and Taunton Drive


Other congestion and safety schemes:  

Above Bar Street between Pound Tree Road and New Road - Pedestrian and Cycle Zone  

Pound Tree Road between Above Bar Street and Sussex Road - Pedestrian and Cycle Zone  

St Marys Road junction with Brintons Road (St Marys Fire Station) - No stopping on entrance markings   

Test Lane junction with access road to Industrial Estate, 200m north of Gover Road – No right turn for vehicular traffic into the access road, and no left turn for vehicular traffic from the access road.  

Winchester Street between Salisbury Street and Carlton Place and Salisbury Street between Winchester Street and 22m south of Vernon Walk footpath - Pedestrian and Cycle Zone  

Winchester Street between Salisbury Street and Carlton Place . Pedestrian and Cycle Zone