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Bellemoor Road and Shirley Infants School Street


  • Where: Bellemoor Road
  • When: Installation will take place during the Spring and Autumn half term holidays
  • What: Improved footways, signage and promotion of the 20 mph
  • Why: To make the area safer for walking and cycling

In early 2021, Southampton City Council secured funding, through the Active Travel Fund, to deliver walking and cycling improvements for schools in the city. A trial School Street has been in place on Bellemoor Road, outside Shirley Junior School, since September 2021. This is a timed modal filter during the school run, which permits walking and cycling as well as retaining resident access by motor vehicle where required.

In addition to the School Street, a design has been produced for measures to assist active travel at all times on Bellemoor Road. The proposed measures will benefit all pedestrians using Bellemoor Road, irrespective of whether the School Street continues beyond its trial.

Location of the proposed measures

The proposed measures for Bellemoor Road, are at its junctions with St James Road and Wilton Road. These are in addition to existing local traffic measures, including a 20mph speed limit on Bellemoor Road (between St James Road and Wilton Road) a modal filter permitting walking and cycling only on Wilton Road (at its junction with Bellemoor Road) and inbound-only access to Bellemoor Road at its junction with St James Road, where there is a cycle contraflow.  

Summary of the proposed new measures

  • A continuous footway on Bellemoor Road, at its junction with St James Road. This will provide pedestrian priority over vehicles turning into Bellemoor Road;(see examples of a continuous footway below)
  • A continuous footway on Bellemoor Road, at its junction with Wilton Road. This will provide pedestrian priority over vehicles;
  • A build out footway at the access to Bellemoor Road from Wilton Road, to include planting and/or a bench;
  • Enhanced promotion of the existing 20mph speed limit;
  • Assist School Streets timed modal filters with a change of environment;
  • Improved pedestrian facilities on this popular link between St James Park and Southampton Common;
  • Signage to advertise the School Street on posts will remove the need for the A-frame signs which takes up footway space. The signage will provide the timings for the extended trial which will be confirmed later this summer;

Survey feedback

A recent survey of residents, parents and children attending Shirley Junior School provided this feedback on the School Streets trial and what improvements they would like to see:

Parents (42) 

  • 88% feel that the road is safer
  • 56% think it has resulted in better air quality
  • 90% of parents support the School Street
  • 80% want to see it continue
  • 21% reduction in car use for school run

People passing through (8) 

  • 88% feel the road is safer 
  • 88% support the School Street 

Residents of Bellemoor Road within school street (18)

  • 67% support for the School Streets
  • 50% support for it to continue

Residents on local roads (17)

  • 77% support for School Streets
  • 64% support for it to continue

How you can have your say

We would like to hear your views on the proposed measures for Bellemoor Road and the School Street. If you would like to comment, you can do so here.