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Bedford Place Scheme and Permanent Pedestrianisation of Carlton Place

Bedford Place and Carlton Place

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25 April 2022

We have been collaborating with local businesses and residents in the Bedford Place area to formulate a package of transport and public realm improvements that will make the area safer for everyone, enhance its unique character and enable it to thrive in the future.  

The Bedford Place Co-Design Working Group included both residents and local businesses as well as other key stakeholder groups. They have met monthly since October 2021 and have made recommendations on a preferred scheme for Bedford Place, Carlton Place and Winchester Street which will showcase the area as one of Southampton’s boutique leisure destinations.   

Following the successful trial and support from the Bedford Place Co-Design Group the pedestrianised area in Carlton Place was made permanent in February 2022. The permanent design for Carlton Place will be enhanced with a square at the junction with Upper and Lower Bannister Street to provide a space that is suitable for use as an event space, or for weekend markets, and will provide an outdoor dining area that is more accessible to everyone. The temporary barriers currently in use on Carlton Place will be replaced with high quality permanent alternatives.

A separate scheme in the area is to provide a part time weekend closure on Winchester Street. The proposal is for a closure of Winchester Street between 10pm to 5am (Friday & Saturday night) using swing gates installed on the highway. This will primarily protect the area around Vincent Walk assisting with crowd management and preventing car crawling along Winchester Street which will make the area feel safer at night.

Proposed measures to reduce traffic speed on Bedford Place include positioning of wider pedestrian areas at specific points along the street, with enhanced lighting, greenery and seating. The effect of these ‘buildouts’ will not only provide a more pleasant environment for pedestrians and easier access for disabled users but will reinforce a wider 20mph speed limit planned for the Polygon area.  Gateway features will be placed at the top and bottom of Bedford Place and the entrance to Carlton Place to clearly define the area’s arrival points.  These will be unique and will complement the look and heritage of Bedford Place.


Designs for the new and improved Bedford Place will be shared with the public over the summer.