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Southampton West Park & Ride

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  • Where: Frogmore Lane/Brownhill Way, Coxford Road/Lords Hill Way, Lord’s Hill Centre, and the University Hospital Southampton
  • When: 1 March onwards
  • What: Engagement on the proposed Park & Ride facilities.
  • Why: To support existing bus services to the Hospital, and for the possibility of Southampton’s first Park & Ride site
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities programme

Latest News

Work to improve the bus stop at the University Southampton Hospital (location 4 planned improvements map), start from Monday 26 April, full details can be found on a separate page.

Project Details

Park & Ride has been a long-term transport aspiration for Southampton as it has the potential to reduce car-based trips into the city centre and other busy places such as the Hospital. This is achieved by having a viable and affordable public transport route with a parking facility close to a major access route into the city. It is important that the route from the designated Park & Ride car park to the end destination will need to improve bus priority to make journey times attractive and reliable.

We have earmarked a site just close to M271 Junction 1 as the site for a Park & Ride in the west of the city at Bargain Farm.  We are working in partnership with the Hospital to develop and implement the Park & Ride as it will benefit both staff at University Hospital Southampton, local residents, and people working and visiting the City Centre. The Hospital have started the development of the car park and the proposal is for Park & Ride services to start operating from the new site in mid-2022.

During the week it will be for NHS staff giving them a reliable link to the main Hospital site. At weekends it will take workers and shoppers into the city centre via M271. We are taking this approach to see how Park & Ride can work in Southampton and is part of a plan to incrementally implement Park & Ride. The aim is to reduce the level of car-based travel to the city centre while supporting its growth.

There are several bus services, that run through the area connecting to the Hospital, Shirley, City Centre and on to Woolston that will benefit from the proposals. The Hospital currently operates a Park & Ride shuttle service for staff from the site to the University Hospital Southampton. The map below highlights the proposed routes for the Hospital Park & Ride service and city centre Park & Ride service.

To help buses, and as part of the works to deliver a Park & Ride to the Hospital and develop a weekend Park & Ride to the city centre, we are proposing changes to the junction between Frogmore Lane and Brownhill Way, as well as the junction at Coxford Road. Other works include bus stops on the route and better facilities and bus lanes around Lord’s Hill Centre.

For further information on other transport activities and initiatives around the Hospital please visit this page.

In March, we wrote residents and businesses nearby inviting them to participate in a survey to gather the views of local people. The results of the survey can be found here.

If you have questions or comments, please get in touch with us via All feedback will help to closely inform our plans for the area as these continue to be shaped over the coming months.

Work has also been undertaken to lengthen the right hand turn into West Quay Road and create an extra lane, allowing for the plans to establish a Park & Ride. To learn more about this project, visit the Mountbatten Way page here.

To receive the latest information about transport projects across Southampton, you can sign up for our regular bulletin by clicking here.