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Green Transport Recovery Plan

Highfield Road Junction


  • Where: City wide
  • When: May 2020 - Ongoing
  • What: Rapid build of measures to support walking, cycling and scooting
  • Why: To support social distancing, protect the safety of all road users, and encourage active travel
  • How: £4.3m from various funding sources


Southampton City Council has produced its Green Transport Recovery Plan to encourage safe travel as we come out of lockdown. The council is keen to support and maintain the positive health and environmental benefits that residents have experienced over the last few months, from an increase in active travel and an improvement in local air quality, by putting in place measures which will support the return to a new norm for getting around safely as lockdown is gradually lifted. 

The plan outlines schemes to support social distancing and maximise the opportunities for increased active travel.

Measures to support social distancing include making more space around bus stops, shops and other places where queueing may be necessary. Street closures around schools at the beginning and end of the day will create a safer and more spacious environment for walking, cycling and scooting, while spare road space will be used to create parklets for additional footway space and cycle parking.

Measures to support active travel include reallocating road space and prioritising pedestrians and cyclists at pedestrian crossings. Temporary cycle lanes will be introduced on Bassett Avenue, The Avenue, and St Mary’s Road, improvements to make it safer to cycle to Southampton General Hospital and in Portswood, and cycle parking in the city centre. The completion of the active travel zone in St Denys will include targeted road closures, priority changes and cycle parking. Bus lanes with cycling permitted will be installed in each direction from Bitterne to Northam Road.

Click on the tiles to see the schemes proposed or being delivered under this plan. For more details, read our plan in full here which was updated on 12th August 2020 and see our FAQs

We are now awaiting the outcome of a second bid for funding from Tranche 2 of the Government's Emergency Active Travel Fund, which will enable the delivery of further measures to support social distancing and active travel. You can read our Emergency Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 bid in full here.


Whilst these are temporary, we welcome your feedback on these measures. 

If you wish to officially comment on or object to us about the changes please do so in writing to 

Any general feedback on the individual schemes is also welcomed here.