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Six Dials Junction

Six Dials HR Proposed 01


  • Where: Six Dials (St Andrews Road/Kingsway/New Road)
  • When: Phase 1 Early Spring 2022, Phase 2 late Summer 2022
  • What: Narrowing and reduction of lanes 
  • Why: Prioritise public transport and support changes to New Road (bus, taxis and cycles only)
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities Fund

Before                                                                              After

Please note, above CGI is a representation of how the scheme may look and is subject to change.

Project details

Our city centre programme includes proposals to make New Road bus/cycle/taxi only between Park Walk (to the west) and East Park Terrace/Palmerston Road (to the east).

To support this, we are proposing a set of changes to the Six Dials Junction (St Andrews Road/Kingsway/New Road). 

These changes include the narrowing of both the New Road western arm (from the city) and the New Road eastern arm (from Northam Rail Bridge) in order to reduce the number of lanes through the junction - in particular, lanes heading to New Road westbound (where the bus/cycle/taxi only vehicle restrictions are proposed). Reducing the number of lanes in this way will allow for some highway land to be used for development purposes. 

As with the changes to Civic Centre Place to the west, New Road westbound will be treated as a 'gateway' to the heart of the city, with both schemes framing the newly people-focused space at the centre.

Other proposals for Six Dials include traffic signal updates, new crossing facilities with the potential to make-over subways in the area, and finally the removal of the Kingsway left turn slip road into New Road.