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New Road - the East-West Spine

East West Spine HR Proposed 01


  • Where: New Road
  • When: Spring 2022
  • What: Bus, taxi and cycles only on New Road between Park Walk and East Park Terrace
  • Why: Prioritise sustainable travel, link the Cultural Quarter with the wider city centre and create a greener, safer and more pleasant environment at the heart of the city
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities Fund

Before                                                                               After

Please note, above CGI is a representation of how the scheme may look and is subject to change.

Project details

This scheme is the centrepiece of our proposed city centre improvements, creating a more inviting environment and bridging the current gaps between the High Street and Cultural Quarter, and between East Park and Palmerston Park. 

As well as the proposed changes at Civic Centre Place, this scheme will see New Road converted to bus/taxi/cycle only between East Park Terrace/Palmerston Road and Park Walk. A bus gate is proposed just east of Park Walk and just west of East Park terrace/Palmerston Road. Access will be maintained to Park Walk.

Access between East Park Terrace/Palmerston Park and Six Dials will stay as it is (all vehicles) with a proposal to remove the existing bus lane. 

The changes on New Road will prioritise sustainable travel through the very centre of the city, contributing to a more welcoming environment where people can move around safely, sustainably and seamlessly.