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New Road Bus Connectivity

New Road V1

Improved transport route in a key area of the city focusing on sustainable transport by providing near continuous bus lanes.

  • Support employment opportunities in the wider City Centre retail area through improved public transport access
  • Reduce the longer-term impact on climate change and air quality through increased use of sustainable transport
  • Increase the number of bus journeys and people cycling along the route via near continuous bus/cycle lanes and priority at junctions.

Benefits of the improvements:

  • Extended bus, taxi and cycle lanes on New Road between Above Bar Street and Six Dials
  • Increased bus priority along New Road
  • Reduced queuing on bus lanes on Civic Centre Road and protect bus stops.

Project details

New Road is the east-west route through Southampton City Centre from Six Dials in the east to Civic Centre junction in the west. The current Bus lanes are cut short at junctions to maintain capacity for traffic and turning movements for vehicles. This has reduced continuity of bus priority and queues at the junctions are adding delays to buses. The scheme focuses on bus priority along New Road by extending the existing bus lanes.

The proposals are as follows:

  • Additional bus, taxi & cycle lanes on New Road between Above Bar
    Street and Six Dials
  • Minor amendments to bus lanes on Civic Centre Road to improve queuing times and protect bus stops
  • Improvements to East Park Terrace/New Road junction as part of the East Park Terrace proposals
  • These changes will result in buses gaining continuous priority along New Road.

Construction date: Summer 2023 to Spring 2024