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Civic Centre Place

Civic Centre View 02 HR Proposed 01


  • Where: Civic Centre Place
  • When: Spring 2022
  • What: Improved public space, new cycle lanes and new crossing facilities
  • Why: Create a vibrant, stimulating environment where people can move around safely, easily and sustainably  
  • How: Funded as part of the Transforming Cities Fund

Before                                                                              After

Before                                                                              After

Please note, above CGI is a representation of how the scheme may look and is subject to change.

Project details

Civic Centre Place is a large signalised junction to the immediate south west of the Civic Centre with a wide carriageway leading in an east-west direction across the front of the Civic Centre. It is a far cry from the original rose garden which existed here previously until 1987. 

The aim of our Civic Centre Place scheme is to improve the identity of the area and re-capture the people-focussed essence that has been lost over time. We propose to do this by significantly enhancing the public space and improving access and connections for people travelling on foot, by bike and by bus. 

The proposed changes will establish Civic Centre Place as the gateway to the city centre, marking a clear transition between this public space and the adjoining Northern Ring Road. Elements of the proposed scheme include the removal of traffic lights, new cycle lanes and narrower roads to allow for wider footways.

New crossing areas are proposed at Civic Centre Road/Havelock Road, Civic Centre Road/Above Bar Street and Civic Centre Road/West Marlands Road. These will vastly improve the experience and safety of people walking and cycling while linking East Park and Palmerston Park and connecting the city's Cultural Quarter with the High Street - areas currently disjointed by the existing Civic Centre Road and New Road highway layout.