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The Avenue/Burgess Road junction improvements - COMPLETED


  • Where: The Avenue/Burgess Road junction
  • When: Completed October 2022 
  • What: Improved crossing facilities for people walking and cycling through this junction
  • Why: Improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • How: Funded as part of a Transforming Cities Fund awarded in March 2020.

Project Details

Upgrade of crossing facilities on the northern and western arm of the junction. Crossing will be widened and formally allow use by cycles in shared space with pedestrians. The toucan crossings will cover all lanes of these two arms of the junction improving connectivity between local community – Southampton Common and University of Southampton. Improved cycle route signage will also be included during delivery of this work.

Latest news

November 2022

Implementation of this work has now completed.

October 2022

Works to improvement pedestrian crossing points at The Avenue/Burgess Road junction began on Monday 3rd October. These are due to take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Whilst the works are carried out, vehicular access to/from The Avenue onto Burgess Road East will be unavailable for all vehicles, as shown on the map below. Local residents directly affected by this arrangement have been contacted by letter prior to works starting.

Any vehicles travelling northbound on The Avenue away from the City Centre will be required to continue straight ahead through a diversion route with a right-turn allowed for buses only. Vehicles travelling southbound will be able to follow The Avenue straight down or turn left.