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Chilworth Roundabout Improvements - COMPLETE

Chilworth Roundabout Google Satellite view


  • Where: Chilworth Roundabout
  • When: COMPLETE
  • What: Replace the drainage system, resurface the roundabout and create a cycleway/footway that links to the SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway and Hampshire County Council's Hut Hill route
  • Why: Upgrade the roundabout and provide enhanced cycling links which connect Hampshire and Southampton City Centre
  • How: This £800,000 scheme is jointly funded by the local highways maintenance incentive fund and tranche 1 of the government’s Transforming Cities Fund

Completed phases

Phase 1: Sunday 12 January for 1 week

We will be setting traffic management up on Sunday 12 January. For this initial phase, we will be enhancing the pedestrian crossing on Bassett Green Road by clearing the footpath and vegetation that has overgrown on the north side and adding some tactile paving. This will make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross this busy junction.

To do this safely, we will close the left lane inbound to the city and Bassett Green Road at the junction of the roundabout for the duration. Traffic will therefore not be able to use Bassett Green Road to enter or exit the roundabout.

Phase 2: Sunday 19 January for 4 weeks

We will be setting traffic management up on Sunday 19 January. For this phase of work, we will be replacing the drainage system and fully reconstructing the inner lanes of the roundabout.

To carry this work out safely, we will close the inner lane on the roundabout for the duration. Traffic will not be able to go right round the roundabout coming from Bassett Avenue.

Phase 3: Monday 17 February for 3 weeks

We will be creating a shared-use footway/cycleway next to the bus lane. It will provide a link to Hampshire County Council’s work and the SCN5, creating an easily accessible walking and cycling route to/from the city. We will need to widen the footway, so the bus lane will be moved over slightly to accommodate this.

To do this safely, we will close the bus lane for the duration. Please speak to your bus provider for advice on alternative stops.

Phase 4: Monday 9 March for 3 weeks

We will resurface the roundabout overnight. As this is an arterial route to/from the city, we have programmed this phase to run overnight when less traffic is using the roundabout. This will minimise disruption and reduce the risk of congestion.

The closure of the bus lane will continue to be in place until all Phase 4 works are complete. This is to provide a compound area to store materials and equipment.

Diversion routes for both closures will be advertised locally and online at OneNetwork. We will be working between 10pm - 6am.

Inbound (to the city) – Monday 9 March for seven nights (weekdays)

As well as resurfacing, we will be replacing some kerbs on the Bassett Avenue centre island. This work will require a closure of the inbound lanes.

Access to the roundabout from M3 Southbound and Bassett Green Road will be closed. We will maintain access to Bracken Place/Hilton Hotel by multi-way lights, accessible only from Bournemouth Road and A27 Chilworth Road.

Outbound (towards M3) – Wednesday 18 March for 8 nights (weekdays)

This will require a closure of the outbound lanes with no access to the roundabout from Winchester Road/Bassett Avenue roundabout. The exit from Bassett Green Road onto the roundabout will also be closed to provide a safe working area and to protect the crew from cars travelling towards them.

Access to Bracken Place/Hilton Hotel will be accessible only from Bournemouth Road and Chilworth Road.

Project details

We will be undertaking essential maintenance to Chilworth Roundabout, including replacing the drainage system. Please be advised that flooding events in the latter part of last year are not related to the work we will be doing. Our investigations in to those events have shown that there appears to be a blockage in the drainage infrastructure under the M3 (which our drainage outfalls in to) and Highways England have now taken this issue on to resolve. 

We will also be resurfacing the roundabout and creating part of a new cycleway/footway that will connect to the new cycleway currently being developed by Hampshire County Council on Hut Hill to Bournemouth Road. This will link to the SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway along the Avenue to Southampton City Centre.

Work will be carried out over four phases, with different lane closures in place on the roundabout throughout each period. During the first three phases, two lanes into and out of the city will be maintained at all times to minimise disruption. There may be temporary traffic signals in use on the roundabout to manage congestion if necessary.

Signed diversion routes will be in place throughout the works. To see diversion routes please visit OneNetwork and for advice on alternative routes visit My Journey's Journey Planner.