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Green Transport Recovery Plan FAQs

Why are you doing this?

We are delivering these changes to help road users travel actively and follow social distancing guidance throughout the pandemic and in the longer term as travel rates increase. Locally, we saw a 63% rise in average cycle numbers from the week before the lockdown came into effect, resulting in fewer vehicles on our roads and a reduction in local air pollution. Encouraging sustainable travel has always been a key part of the Our Greener City vision and now, with more people cycling across the city, we are committed to supporting these healthier travel habits to continue in the long-term.

Both Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council have already delivered a series of new cycleways to help more people cycle with ease in and around the Southampton City Region. The improvements we are now making as part of our Green Transport Recovery Plan will connect to these existing cycleways and continue the excellent progress we have already made to enhance the cycling culture in Southampton. Supporting active travel will also remain crucial to reducing congestion as our roads become busier, especially while bus use remains low. As always, we will closely monitor and review all schemes to understand their impact on the transport network and how well they are being used; and to make ongoing assessments about the timeframe of each scheme.

How is this plan being funded?

The funding for the plan is being sourced from a range of existing budgets.

Why has there been no consultation?

In order to implement the schemes quickly, we are using temporary or experimental traffic regulation orders to put these measures in place. These allow councils to install facilities without prior consultation. Once changes have been made, councils are able to monitor their impact and the feedback received from local residents and businesses before making more permanent decisions.

How are the schemes being monitored?

What about disruption?

We are undertaking this work while roads are quieter to minimise disruption.

How do I find out more or ask questions?

For up-to-the-minute travel information, follow our Highways team on Twitter @scchighways. For further information or to comment on each of the schemes, please write to the following email addresses:

For Hill Lane, Portswood Road, Dale Road & Bitterne Road West

Please write to:

For The Avenue/Bassett Avenue

Please write to:

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