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Blog Posts

Active Travel Zones Explained

Active Travel Zones are a big part of our plans for the future of transport in Southampton - but what are they? In this blog we explain just what Active Travel Zones are and how they can contribute to a more liveable, sustainable city.

A unique opportunity for change

The Covid-19 pandemic is set to change the way we move around the city. Here we look at how we're supporting people to travel safely in this new era of social distancing, and the opportunities on the horizon for a cleaner, greener, healthier city.

How the humble bus could be our most valuable player in the long game against congestion and air pollution

Bus travel is key to supporting our long-term goals for Southampton's transport. Here we talk about the importance of bus travel in contributing to lower levels of congestion and air pollution, and our big plans to make public transport a reliable and accessible option for all.

Let’s stop talking about ‘the motorist’ and ‘the cyclist’ and start talking about people

Southampton is a growing, thriving city. By 2040, another 30,000 people will be living here. That’s the equivalent of adding a town the size of Windsor and could result in 74,000 more people making journeys across the city each day.