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Bedford Place/Carlton Place - Temporary Pedestrianisation

Bedford Place and Carlton Place

Latest news

27 September 2021

We are now in the process of co-designing proposals for permanent traffic calming, safety and pedestrianisation options, to replace the current temporary measures. This work is being undertaken with the Bedford Place Co-design Working Group, consisting of representatives of the different stakeholder groups in the area and supported by Southampton City Council and GO! Southampton.

The proposals resulting from the work of the group between October '21 and February '22 will be made available for feedback from the wider community in Spring 2022.

13 July 2021

As part of the upcoming reopening of Bedford Place (the road), we are making some changes to the area this week.

These include removing the painted street art; installing and relocating concrete barriers and planters; line marking the new Zebra crossing; and introducing a 20mph zone on Bedford Place between Milton Road and Cumberland Place.

These works will be undertaken in the following phases. Affected businesses will be contacted individually regarding necessary arrangements for their tables and chairs while the below works are in progress.

Phase 1: Removing painted street art - Friday 16 July (moved from Wednesday 14 July due to contractor delay) (from 7.30am – 5pm):  

The painted street art will be removed from the road surface up to the junction with Carlton Place.

Phase 2:  Relocating concrete barriers – Sunday 18 July (from 8pm up to 6am):

In response to feedback from those smaller venues who are using parking bays to provide some outdoor seating, the currently suspended parking spaces will remain as such when the road reopens. To support this, we will position concrete barriers and planters alongside the suspended bays on a trial basis. More details about this trial will be publicised in due course. We will also relocate some of the existing painted barriers to the junction with Carlton Place to protect the ongoing pedestrianisation of this section.

To facilitate the barrier movement, we are closing Bedford Place (road) from Grosvenor Square junction to Amoy Street with access for residents only from 8pm (see map). The barriers will be positioned using a crane after 10.30pm once the venues within the closure on Bedford Place have stopped trading.

Phase 3: Signing and lining – Monday 19 July, 6am – Tuesday 20 July, 8am :

Once the barriers have been positioned, a lining crew will paint in the new Zebra Crossing on Bedford Place between Carlton Place and Henstead Road. At the same time, temporary 20mph signs will be placed on frames along the route as part of a trial, with more details to follow in due course. These signs will be relocated onto lamp posts in the coming weeks.

Once this final phase of works is complete, Bedford Place will remain closed between Henstead Road and Carlton Place overnight using temporary barriers. The road will be fully reopened at 8am on Tuesday 20 July.

16 June 2021

We have now analysed the results of our recent survey of businesses on Bedford Place road and found that 57% of respondents are in favour of seeing the road reopened (section A on the map below). Click here for a breakdown of the survey results. Please note, for data protection purposes we have not been able to share all the responses given, such as those relating to personal, business and commercially sensitive information